Some Assembly Required
Some Assembly Required is a weekly audio art show focused on works of audio appropriation. "Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations." More information, online at:
Episode 261, Some Assembly Required 01 DJ Tripp – “Just Stop Believing” 02 Gitar – “TV Dinners” 03 Realistic – “Trademark massage” 04 DJ Lobsterdust – “Love City” 05 People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz – “Harpo Boulevard” 06 Escape Mechanism – “House Of The Haunted Ink Bottle” 07 Girl Talk – “Don't Stop” 08 Rokhausen – “Since I Decided to Go” 09 Splatt – “Hedvig Nagila” 10 Go Home Productions – “Don't Hold Back, Sweet Jane” 11 The Tape-beatles – “Another Blue Night” 12 The Orb – “Little Fluffy Clouds” 13 Osymyso – “It’s All About Fun, Right?” 14 Wayne Butane – “Dr. Entozoan And The Pressed Ham Caper (segment)” 15 Tristan Shout – “We Are All Made Of Dead Stars” Use this address, for your pod software:
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