Some Assembly Required
Some Assembly Required is a weekly audio art show focused on works of audio appropriation. "Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations." More information, online at:
Episode 156, Some Assembly Required

01 B'O'K - “Polite Means, True Colours, And Hypeâ€
02 Girl Talk - “The Feelingâ€
03 Jeffrey Sconce - “Electric Cotten Candy Feels So Goodâ€
04 Dean Gray - “Dr. Who on Holidayâ€
05 The Bran Flakes - “Trash Can Funâ€
06 Mr. Dibbs - “Gritfestâ€
07 The Tape-beatles - “A hard hand to holdâ€
08 RIAA - “Smells Like That Wild Thingâ€
09 Grandmixer DST and Herbie Hancock – “Rockit (live)â€
10 Splatt - “The tao of junkâ€
11 DJ Jay-R - “Supercentâ€
12 Jason Forrest - “Skyrocket Saturdayâ€
13 Wayne Butane – “Backwash (segment)â€
14 The Timelords - â€Doctorin' The Tardisâ€

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Happy New Year!

There were over thirty artist features uploaded this year (2009). The list follows, with links to each and every one. Enjoy...

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Jon Nelson

Ruth Anderson


Cagey House


the Cranial Fishers

Eddie Def

DJ Earworm

Ellipse Elkshow


Greater Than One

Alex H

Don Joyce

The Kleptones

Laso Halo

David Morneau

People Like Us

The Real Tuesday Weld (The Clerkenwell Kid)

The Reborn Identity

Ruckus Roboticus

Alyce Santoro



Speaker Freaker

Ed Special

Stock, Hausen & Walkman

Philip Strong

Surface Noise

DJ T-Rock

Think Tank

Thousand Void Crush

Ursula 1000

Aaron Valdez


Wake Up And Listen

Want more?
There have been over 150 of these online features posted at this point, and they're all linked to from the bottom of the SAR Interview Page, where you'll also find a list of all the radio interviews we've done with SAR artists over the years (ALL of which are now available to listen to online)...

Check it out HERE.
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