Some Assembly Required
Some Assembly Required is a weekly audio art show focused on works of audio appropriation. "Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations." More information, online at:
Episode 39, Some Assembly Required
(featuring our 2002 interview with Wobbly's Jon Leidecker)

01 Chopping Channel - (untitled, live 5/99)
02 Wobbly - “Only Musicalâ€
03 Natasha Spencer - “The house she flew in on (excerpt)â€
04 PLU/JBHP/Wobbly - “Heads offâ€
05 Chopping Channel - (untitled, live 5/99)
06 PLU/JPHP/Wobbly - “Yodel Bomberâ€
07 Wobbly – “Yo Yo Yo Yoyo Yo, Hey...â€
08 John Oswald - “Funky X (excerpt)â€
09 Wobbly – “Make You We We Go Man Go Yo Midyididiyidâ€
10 Wobbly – “Girl. I Getchoo. Oh Oh Oh.â€
11 Wobbly - “Clawing your eyes out down to your throatâ€
12 Wobbly - “Worry don’t thingâ€
13 Wobbly - “Losing blookâ€
14 Wobbly - “Hard, like duckâ€
15 Wobbly - “Vingt regards (no. 15)â€

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Episode 189, Some Assembly Required
(featuring our 2007 interview with RX Music)

01 RX Music – “White linesâ€
02 Steinski and Mass Media – “It's Up To You (Television Mix)â€
03 Steev Hise – “Nexus 6â€
04 The Bots – “Bushwackâ€
05 Wax Audio – “A Day Of Horrorâ€
06 RX Music – “Sunday Bloody Sundayâ€
07 RX Music – “Dick Is a Killerâ€
08 RX Music – “My generationâ€
09 RX Music – “My name is Rxâ€
10 The Evolution Control Committee – “Bush speech (corrected - part 1)â€
11 RX Music – “Imagine/Walk on the wild sideâ€

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Episode 35, Some Assembly Required

01 People Like Us - “Serenadeâ€
02 The Bran Flakes - “Everybody pay attention nowâ€
03 Turntable Trainwreck - “Cubicle 38 droplift bluesâ€
04 Nubile G and the Spurious Whiz - “Your jolly giantâ€
05 Christian Marclay - “One thousand cyclesâ€
06 Severin 24 - “Teepee (live)â€
07 Steev Hise - “How to use borrowed ideasâ€
08 Escape Mechanism - “Why does the light fall?â€
09 Realistic - “Handicap bathroomâ€
10 Girl Talk - “Fun in the sunâ€
11 The Tape-beatles - “You people are in great dangerâ€
12 The Avalanches - “Radioâ€

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June 12, 2010

The last two weeks have been part of an ongoing effort to revisit some of my favorite interview episodes. We started with John Oswald and the Bran Flakes, last week was The Tape-beatles, and this week we revisit Episode 57, featuring our 2003 interview with the ECC's Mark Gunderson.

Which is why I'm posting, as I've just checked out an advance copy of the Evolution Control Committee's upcoming release, and I have to say it's awesome! We'll be playing some tracks off of it in the coming quarter, so stay tuned for that, and if you're a fan traveling in the Pacific Northwest during the first weekend of July, you'll want to take special note: The Evolution Control Committee will be performing four shows, with The Bran Flakes, July 2nd through the 5th...

Click HERE for more info about the tour, which they’re calling “The ALL RIGHTS RESERVED... NONE ®ESPE©TED! Tour”, and stay tuned for more info about the ECC's new CD, which should be out later this year (2010).

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson
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Episode 193, Some Assembly Required
(featuring our 2007 interview with EBN's Gardner Post)

01 Emergency Broadcast Network – “Get Down (ver. 2.2)â€
02 Emergency Broadcast Network – “EBN Station Promoâ€
03 Emergency Broadcast Network – “Kill The Enemyâ€
04 Emergency Broadcast Network – “Move Toward The Middleâ€
05 Emergency Broadcast Network – “Watch Televisionâ€
06 Emergency Broadcast Network – “Homicidal Schizophrenic (A Lad Insane)â€
07 Emergency Broadcast Network – “Electronic Behavior Control System (ver. 2.0)â€
08 Emergency Broadcast Network – “3:7:8â€
09 Emergency Broadcast Network – “State Extensionâ€
10 Emergency Broadcast Network – “We Will 'Raq Youâ€
11 Emergency Broadcast Network – “What's Happening?â€
12 Emergency Broadcast Network – “Total Smoothnessâ€

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