Some Assembly Required
Some Assembly Required is a weekly audio art show focused on works of audio appropriation. "Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations." More information, online at:

The following 150+ SAR Q&A's represent the artist features uploaded from 2006-2009, in alphabetical order... Thanks for listening! Jon Nelson A plus D Aggro1 Jim Allenspach Ruth Anderson The Angel Animals Within Animals Antediluvian Rocking Horse B’O’K Barbed DJ BC Beatrix*JAR The Beige Channel Big City Orchestra Ros Bobos The Bran Flakes Wayne Butane Buttfinger The Button Cagey House DJ Cal Greg Carr Cassetteboy Cast of Thousands The Coherent Encoherence Colatron Coldcut Copycat Corporal Blossom Daniel Steven Crafts the Cranial Fishers Brian Joseph Davis Eddie Def Thomas Dimuzio Steve Dirkx Divide and Kreate The Droplift Project Dsico DJ Earlybird DJ Earworm Ellipse Elkshow Escape Mechanism The Evolution Control Committee DJ EZG Omer Fast Steve Fisk John Fleetham DJ Food Jason Forrest (Donna Summer) Fortyone DJ Foundation Joe Frawley The Freelance Hellraiser Jason Freeman Frenchbloke Freddy Fresh Futuro Gel-Sol Girl Talk Glockenspiel Go Home Productions Dickie Goodman Grateful For The Dead Greater Than One Alex H Steev Hise I Cut People IDC Idiom Creak Jabberwocky Don Joyce Junkshop Coyote Douglas Kahn Hugo Keesing Kid Koala The Kleptones Laso Halo Lecture on Nothing Lenlow Listen With Sarah DJ Lobsterdust Tim Maloney (Naked Rabbit) Christian Marclay DJ Marvel The Piss Mr. Meridies Matt Mikas David Morneau National Cynical Network Negativland DJ Nikoless Wes Nisker notv Nubile G and the Spurious Whiz Owen O'toole Oh Astro Orchid Spangiafora Bob Ostertag Osymyso Party Ben People Like Us Phatbastard Ergo Phizmiz Public Works DJ Qbert DJ Quest Rachmiel The Real Tuesday Weld (The Clerkenwell Kid) Realistic The Reborn Identity RIAA DJ Riko Tom Roe Ruckus Roboticus RX Music Kelly Patrick Ryan Alyce Santoro Savage Ohms Sawako Janek Schaefer John Schnall Jeffrey Sconce Secret Mommy Silica-Gel Social Security Soundhog Spacklequeen Sparo Speaker Freaker Ed Special Natasha Spencer Splatt The Square Root Of Evil Stark Effect Steinski

Stock, Hausen & Walkman Carl Stone Philip Strong Stunt Rock Surface Noise Rob Swift DJ T-Rock The Tape-beatles team9 James Tenney Think Tank Thousand Void Crush Jan Turkenburg Twink Ursula 1000 V/Vm Aaron Valdez Value Village People Voicedude Wake Up And Listen Myeck Waters Wax Audio Wax Tailor David Weir The Who Boys Wobbly Wolfram DJ Zebra Want more? Find a list of all the (30+) radio interviews we've done with SAR artists over the years, ALL of which are available to listen to online, at the SAR Interview Page... Check it out HERE.
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