Some Assembly Required
Some Assembly Required is a weekly audio art show focused on works of audio appropriation. "Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations." More information, online at:
This week's episode is the last episode of our final quarter. It's a re-run from the first season of the show. There are just over a dozen episodes left to upload from that year and then every single episode of Some Assembly Required will be available to hear online. At present, there are well over 200 episodes up and available to download for free. I plan to leave these archived here at the SAR website for new listeners. I don't know when I'll get around to uploading those last few episodes from the very first season, but I hope to get it done before the end of the year. Somehow, it just won't feel finished until every last episode is available! In the meantime, click HERE for a list of every episode available to download, along with playlist information for each show. Thanks again for twelve amazing years, Jon Nelson
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Episode 23, Some Assembly Required 01 Public Works - “Mortal mind” 02 Realistic - “I am what?” 03 Steve Fisk - “Government figures” 04 Lecture on Nothing - “Forward to victory” 05 Coil - “Who’ll fall?” 06 The Bran Flakes - “The intoxicating reverberasia lot” 07 Silica-Gel - “Master of the game” 08 Escape Mechanism - “Being” 09 The Evolution Control Committee - “Nothing really matters” 10 Steve Fisk - “I wish I were dead, part 1” 11 The Tape-beatles - “Please help me” 12 The Evolution Control Committee - “I don’t care” 13 Rik Rue - “The never nothing” 14 Tim Maloney - “Crash!” 15 Steve Fisk - “No 2nd chance” 16 Silica-Gel - “Sum of your life” 17 People Like Us - "(untitled)" Use this address, for your pod software:
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Episode 262, Some Assembly Required 01 Nubile G and the Spurious whiz - “Your jolly giant” 02 RIAA – “Some Assembly Required” 03 DJ QBert – “Turntable TV (Re-Vizion)” 04 I Cut People – “JonBoy Detonator” 05 David Morneau – “Some Dash Dot Required” 06 CCC – “Lust Train” 07 John Oswald – “Pretender” 08 People Like Us – “Dolly pardon” 09 Go Home Productions - “Papa Was A Clock” 10 RX Music – “Imagine/Walk on the wild side” 11 Lecture On Nothing – “Opinions” 12 Divide & Kreate – “Always with you” 13 Pop-Chop – “Comp-elation” 14 The Avalanches – “Frontier Psychiatrist” 15 Jim Allenspach – “Friends” 16 DJ Deedle – “Come Tangerine Together” Use this address, for your pod software:
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Episode 171, Some Assembly Required (Featuring our 2007 interview with Public Works) 01 Public Works – “Noise” 02 Creature Comforts – “Alone Together” 03 The Tape-beatles – “Do you think it’s an accident?” 04 The Tape-beatles – “Home problems” 05 Public Works – “Substance” 06 Public Works – “Vesicle” 07 Public Works – “Numbers (Forevermore)” 08 Public Works – “Numbers (2)” 09 Public Works – “Follow me” Use this address, for your pod software:
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Episode 117, Some Assembly Required (Featuring our 2005 interview with DJ Food) 01 DJ Food – “Break” 02 DJ Food – “The Riff” 03 DJ Food – “Cookin'” 04 DJ Food – “The Ageing Young Rebel” 05 DJ Food – “Raiding the 20th Century (Part 3)” 06 DJ Food – “Raiding the 20th Century (Part 4)” 07 DJ Food – “Sunvibes” Use this address, for your pod software:
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Episode 24, Some Assembly Required 01 Steve Fisk - “Tongues” 02 Z-Trip - “U can get with discs or U can get with dat” 03 Steve Fisk - “Oh little seeds” 04 The Evolution Control Committee - “Princelot link and the revolution evolution control committee” 05 Brindle Spork - “Mommy bomb” 06 Wayne Butane - “2000 flushes” 07 Wayne Butane - “Dead monkey arcade” 08 Negativland - "(Debut CD, track 9)" 09 Steve Fisk - “You used me” 10 Steve Fisk - “Emerging nation” 11 Dad’s New Slacks - “Ice teal” 12 Antediluvian Rocking Horse - “Orange” 13 Peanut Butter Wolf/Babu/J-Rocc - “They don’t fall down” Use this address, for your pod software:
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Happy New Year! 2010 was the 5th year of the SAR Q&A and there were just over a dozen artist features uploaded. The list follows, with links to each and every one. Enjoy, these will be the last updates for a little while, at least... Thanks for listening! Jon Nelson DJ Angelo Christopher DeLaurenti Deskhop Gary DiBenedetto E-603 Flying White Dots Junk Culture Los Kinkos Anton Mobin Rokhausen solcofn Chris Strouth The Superfools Timmy The Tapeworm Robert Voisey Want more? There are over 175 of these online features, and they're all linked to from the bottom of the SAR Interview Page, where you'll also find links to ALL of the radio interviews we've done with SAR artists over the years. There are well over 200 profiles in all... Check them out HERE.
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